Monday, June 20, 2011


It is with great excitement that I announce the imminent release of my latest CD, Be Laughter. As you can see by the cover above, it is a complete, do-it-yourself laughter makeover.

As we all know, laughing and doing deep yoga breathing as a daily practice can boost your health physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A Harvard University study has shown that spending just 10 minutes each day sitting and breathing will increase your happiness. Dr. Madan Kataria and his wife, Madhuri, founders of the worldwide laughter yoga movement, urge laughers everywhere to intentionally breathe and laugh every day. This, they explain, will help you live in the inner spirit of laughter—to not just enjoy laughter, but to be laughter in a holistic way.

We lead busy lives, though, so it’s difficult to take the time for this practice. That’s why I’ve created this resource to help you. On this 75 minute recording, I’ll guide you through:

Morning – 5 yogic breathing exercises followed by 15 minutes of laughter, which you can do regardless of your mood. This will kick off your day by connecting you to your own inner peace and joy.

Noon – A laughter dance party to get you moving, breathing, laughing and dancing. It will revitalize you for whatever lies ahead.

Night – Unwind at bedtime with yoga nidra, a unique form of meditation done while lying down. It induces complete relaxation of the body, mind and emotions. At the end, the music will lull you into sleep, enabling you to rest in a blissful state.

Be Laughter also includes an 8 page booklet with more instruction about these 3 practices. Furthermore, the CD and its cool digipak will be made with certified green components. And thanks to careful attention to chain of custody and use of carbon offset credits, the entire package is rendered 100% carbon neutral!

I’ve dedicated this project in memory of my mom, Sharon Smith, who in loving me unconditionally has empowered me to be laughter. Read more about how laughter yoga has helped me through my grief.

The track listing is as follows:


1. Breath of Fire (3:36)

2. Synchronized Breathing (3:08)

3. Cross Nostril Breathing (3:56)

4. Humming Bee Breath (3:32)

5. Conscious Breathing (5:41)

6. Laughing While Seated (5:08)

7. Laughing While Lying Down (4:55)

8. Laughing While Standing (5:06)


9. Laughter Dance Party (5:26)


10. Yoga Nidra (33:35)

It takes just 3 weeks to develop a new habit. So I’ve created the “Be Laughter” Challenge. Commit to practicing all 3 parts of this CD every day for 21 days and see how it transforms your life. Right now, I’m taking applications for my initial set of Be Laughter Challengers. If you believe you can commit to the daily practice for 3 weeks, drop me and e-mail at

Be Laughter retails for $14.95 and is due to release July 8th. Right now, I’m running an introductory offer of just $12.95. Please go to The Laughter Shoppe to order on-line from my store. You can also order it at

Or save money by ordering it by mail. Free shipping! Send checks of $12.95 for each CD payable to "Laura Gentry" to: The Laughter Shoppe, P.O. Box 11, Marquette, IA 52158. Thanks.

Laughter yoga professionals please note that I offer great wholesale rates on this and other products from The Laughter Shoppe. Drop me a line or call to fine out more. 563-880-2699

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Phyllis Larsen, an amazing graduate of the Iowa School of Laughter Yoga and a member of the Lansing Laughter Club, has passed away. We remember her joy and laughter with great fondness.

Phyllis and her husband, Mike, first heard about laughter yoga in the Ode Magazine laughter issue of August 2009. They read this article in which I was mentioned and realized we were neighbors. So they started attending my laughter club and eventually became laughter yoga leaders.

Laughter yoga made an immense difference in Phyllis' life. After one of the first laughter club meetings she attended, I gave them a tour of the church. As we walked around, she said: "Do you realize that I could hardly walk when I came in here tonight?" She and Mike were astonished. Indeed, the half hour laughter club meeting had literally transformed her walk from a painful shuffle to a normal gait (and I dare say she had a spring in her step). From that moment forward, they were hooked on laughter yoga. Though Phyllis was a long-time sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis, she found pain relief and increased happiness by practicing laughter yoga.

Phyllis with her husband, Mike

Phyllis going through the "laughter car wash"

With her graduating class at the Iowa School of Laughter Yoga

Phyllis is in the bottom right hand corner of this photo taken at a laughter yoga event in February at the AmerInn in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

At Phyllis' funeral at the Methodist church in Gays Mills, Wisconsin, people were invited to come forward to share memories. I got up to say what a generous laugher Phyllis was and I convinced the whole congregation to do "milkshake laughter" with me (pictured above). It was Phyllis' favorite exercise and I'm sure she was laughing with us as we did it.