Sunday, January 31, 2016


Hello Laughing Friend,
I am so happy to share with you the exciting new that we ARE having another Laugh-Fest of the Midwest  May 13-15 in Ferryville, Wisconsin! How could we not? It is the highlight of my year. So much love and laughter fills my heart and makes it sing! I bet you could use a weekend of laughing, too.

We are just formulating our exiting plans and speaker schedule but we do know that Lynda Tourloukis will be back! And Dr. Laffy Kathy! And me, Laughing Laura! And hopefully many others, too.

How about YOU? Would you like to present an activity, workshop, or lecture? We are looking for a variety of things so pitch us your idea using the form at the Laugh-Fest page.

Registration is now open! Yippee! We are offering the Laugh-Fest at just $225, which includes meals, housing and programing—an incredible value. Better yet, you can get the Early Bird Discount all the way through April 1 and that's only $199. Go to the Laugh-Fest page to register on-line through PayPal or register by mail with the mail-in form.

See you in a few short months! I can't wait.