Monday, June 21, 2010


1. Are you needing to feel more centered and grounded?

2. Are you feeling self conscious from physical, mental, or societal obstacles?

3. Are you feeling a sense that you “should” be happy because of your circumstances but are not?

These are questions that pertain to our well-being on all levels: our body, mind and spirit. And while there are many paths to wellness, in this workshop we’ll focus on one: the simple, yet profound, healing power of laughter!

Whether you are a Practitioner of Yoga, a Wellness Professional or just wanting to experience a more joyful balance in life this workshop is for you. Discover a new approach to healing with a new perspective on laughter. This workshop series is also wonderful continuing education for any laughter yoga professional.

Come and join Dan and Jill Johnson, your laughter professors, as they bring to the stage three innovative leaders in Laughter Yoga.

Laura Gentry – Artist, laughter ambassador, pastor and Laughter Yoga “Master Trainer”.
Jason Freeman – Specialist in overcoming physical imbalance and “Follow Your Own Lead” Walking Coach
Katie West – Life coach, speaker, author and founder of The Levity Institute.

Through in-depth interviews and hands-on experience, you’ll expand your ability to add laughter as an additional tool in your personal development or profession. Dan and Jill will also share the therapeutic effects of laughter in Integrative Healing.

Come join us in just a few days as we learn to use our spirit of laughter to create a happy, healthier life.

Date: June 22, 24 and 29th, 2010
6:30pm - 8:00pm CST

If you haven't already, register today at
Yoga Hub.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This summer, I led a session on prayer during staff training at Sugar Creek Bible Camp. The camp is located in a beautiful valley Southwest Wisconsin. It is near and dear to my heart as I was on the staff of this camp when I was in college. It is also the location in which I hold laughter yoga leader retreats. As part of this session, I taught them a technique I like to call "laughter prayer," which brings laughter yoga principles to Christian prayer.

Here I am teaching the group of talented young staff people.

I'm talking emphatically with some of the staffers during our small group discussion.

Then we did a laughter session. They had a fabulous time, as you can see by these photographs by William.

We also did a laughter meditation.

Then we went outside to do a laughter blessing tunnel in the great splendor of the evening.

Here we are doing a giant, laughter praise circle.

Here I am with Dick Iverson, the camp's executive director. I've known him since my time on the camp staff. It was a delight to see him again. Below are some scenes from the picturesque camp.

Look! The goat smiled at us! Must be a laugher too.

Below is a short video of the camp staff doing the laughter meditation, which is a powerful form of prayer. It can connect you with your source of spiritual joy.