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Celia Farran is a singer/songwriter with 10 albums. She's also a comedienne and Laughter Yoga Teacher. Celia has written a Laugh-Fest theme song and will play a concert for us on Saturday night and at church on Sunday morning. Here's her interview.

LAURA: Celia, we are so excited to have you back at Laugh-Fest—this year as a presenter! First of all, I’d like to talk about the theme song you wrote for us and we are thrilled. Can you tell us about your creative process with it?

CELIA: Well, there I was about to do my yoga practice and I got a text from YOU asking if I had any songs about the power of saying “Yes”.  I gave it a quick think and realized that I didn’t have any songs like that but it sure would be great if I did.  Then the chorus came to me immediately.  I texted you back within a few minutes to let you know that I had written the song.  You texted back by saying “You are some kind of amazing.”  Over the next day I rounded out the song and recorded it and now we have a theme song titled “Yes to Life” that we can sing together at Laugh-Fest.  I think it is safe to say that this song happened because I said “Yes”! Click below to hear it.

LAURA: This song is going to be a part of our conference throughout. I’m sure everyone will return home after a rejuvenating weekend with your song playing through their heads. What a fun way to remember the experience! Tell me, what meaning does this theme of saying YES mean to you personally?

CELIA:  I am a firm believer in positive thinking and am a student of the New Thought material shared in Centers for Spiritual Living (I’m usually singing at a Unity or a Center for Spiritual Living somewhere every Sunday).  I believe that what I focus on increases.  I prefer to call in what I am desiring by saying “yes” to it rather than looking at what I don’t want by saying “no”. This opens me up to receive all the goodness that I can handle.  Laughter does this inherently without thought or analysis.  Laughter and Singing are my favorite forms of saying “Yes”.  

LAURA: You are going to be doing a short concert for the Laugh-Festers on Saturday night as part of our costume party. Tell us what we can expect.

CELIA:  I like to mix things up when I do a concert.  I like to combine the silly with the sacred.  Music & Laughter are perfect partners.  It might be best for me to include some of my “bio” info here to help folks get a sense of what I do when I take the stage:
Singer/Songwriter/Comedienne Celia has been described as “A cross between an Earthy Enya, Joan Baez, and Tina Fey.” She dishes up the most delicious concoction of the silly and sacred delighting audiences across the nation. In addition to having the kind of silky smooth voice often associated with classic Celtic Singers, such as “Celtic Woman”, Celia excels at comedy. She often transforms right on stage into one or more of her alter-egos-whose antics typically leave the audience howling with laughter. With powerful, heart-felt vocals and wacky comedic improvisations, the audience never knows what will happen with Celia on stage.

Celia often uses sophisticated “looping” technology to perform duets, trios, and even larger ensembles with herself. Nothing is pre-recorded. She lays down a track then using the looping technology harmonizes with herself — all live and in real time. The result is an amazing listening experience for the audience.

Celia has opened for notable authors: Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson & Dr. Masaru Emoto, provided live music for the Off-Broadway production of “Rum & Vodka, & has received a “Best Storytelling CD” nomination for “Irish Tales” by the International Just Plain Folks Awards (The Grassroots of Grammies). Her “Symbol” song has been named the “Anthem for the Veteran Pentacle Quest” in support of Religious tolerance & acceptance.

Celia is from Wisconsin and calls Prescott, AZ home. She is currently touring with her 10th album, “Letting Go". No matter how many times you think you’ve seen Celia, you can never predict what she will do and how deeply she can reach into the soul of an audience.  Celia’s range of styles and entertainment is far more than a concert. It is more like a full Cabaret.

“Go out of your way to see her. You won’t be disappointed.” Rick’s Café Magazine

“Celia’s music calls women to their glory and men to their hearts.” 
Marianne Williamson, Author “A Return to Love”

“Celia is an ambrosia of vitality flowing from sweet to sass with the utmost of grace.” Gemma, “A Million Voice Choir”

LAURA: Incredible! We are so fortunate to have you at the Laugh-Fest. Additionally, you’ll be playing music at the church field trip to Lansing, Iowa on Sunday morning. What is that performance going to entail?

CELIA: I have a great deal of Peaceful, Spiritual, and Meditation Music that I typically share at churches.  I expect I will probably play our theme song “Yes to Life” for sure as well!  I hear your services are filled with play…so I might get a bit playful too.  

LAURA: Celia, you are also a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. How did you decide to get into Laughter Yoga and what has it done for you in your life?

CELIA: As a singer and comedienne I have witnessed the powerful healing transformation of laughter on rooms of people who don’t know each other when they walk in.  It is a magic I can’t even begin to describe.  When I heard that there was this thing called Laugher Yoga I decided that I wanted to become a Laughter Yoga Leader.  I manifested an awesome opportunity to get my training right in my own living room when I was living in Santa Fe, NM in 2009.  I was certified by Khristine Baker and exchanged the cost of the training for providing her a venue to teach in!  I then started combining my Laughter Training with my Vocal training and began offering workshops called “Laughter & the Voice”.  I will be offering this workshop on Friday before the Fest begins.  

LAURA: That's right! And this is new news so blog readers, please take note of this exciting opportunity! Oh, and Celia, I understand you do a Laughter Party on the phone. What's that all about?

CELIA: In July of 2014 I started a Laughter Party on the Phone and during one of those calls I got inspired to become a Laughter Yoga Teacher so that I could certify others.  In December 2014 I did my Teacher Training with Jeffrey Briar in California.  Dedicating myself to a daily laughter practice has resulted in many positive changes including raising my immune level (I never get sick anymore), raising my emotional intelligence (I’m a much happier person-very little bothers me), and building laughter friendships with people all over the country.

If anyone is interested in joining us for Laughter Party on the phone the call in information can be found at the Facebook Group:
It is FREE!

LAURA: Yes, it is free! How awesome is that! What are some things that inspire you?

CELIA:  I have to say that everything inspires me.  I get creative ideas all day long every day.  I have more songs wanting to get sung and recorded than I can count.  I love creating funny material as well as peaceful spiritual material.  I also feel moved to write songs that make a real difference and I have had the unique opportunity to offer up the art of the song to literally change history.  I feel it is the responsibility of creative artists not just to entertain but also to pull the truth (as we see it) from our experiences and bring it through to our art.  I’m a big fan of what Woody Guthrie says…(Paraphrased)..”It’s not how good a song is…it’s what good a song DOES.”.

LAURA: What are your hopes for the Laugh-Fest?

CELIA: I had such a fantastic time last year at Laugh-Fest.  It’s a truly remarkable experience to spend a weekend with adults who are ready and willing to Play!  Just thinking about the good times to be had makes me smile!  I look forward to staying on site this year and making deeper connections with new and old friends.  I hope I get to have as much fun or more than I did last year!

LAURA: I can't wait!!  Thanks, Celia. 

For more information about Celia or to find out how you can register for the pre-conference workshop with her, please visit her Web site:

Tomorrow (April Fool's Day) is the last day to get the early bird special for the Laugh-Fest! If you mail your form in (click here for that), just make sure it is postmarked by April 1. Otherwise, sign up online with Paypal at the LaughFest Page. YAY!

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