Monday, November 26, 2012


William and I went to Alaska for Thanksgiving this year. His mother lives in Anchorage so we spent the holiday with her. While we were there, however, I had to do a bit of laughter yoga—including teaching the first certified Laughter Yoga Leader course in Alaska! Below, I share with you the pictures from my laughter tour of Alaska.

I began my tour by taking a laughing moose ride! ha ha ha!

I volunteered to lead a laughter yoga session at the breast cancer support group of Providence Hospital. The following are pictures from that meeting.

The man to the left is the Roy Olpin, the brand new director of the Providence Cancer Center. This session introduced him to laughter yoga and as you can see, he became very enthusiastic about it. The laughter yoga leaders I trained in Anchorage plan to work with him to bring laughter to the Cancer Center regularly.

"How delightful to have Laughing Laura fill our hearts with joy at the Cancer Center! It was great to have it ring out with laughter. Her gifts of the Spirit and talents blessed us well. We are so grateful."

—The Anchorage Breast Cancer Support Group

I also gave a lecture and led an introductory laughter yoga session at Spirit Path Yoga. Below is a video and pictures from that Friday night event.

click here to view the video at YouTube:

The laughing lecture

The laughter yoga session

I also gave a program of Holy Hysterics at St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church in Anchorage. The following are pictures from that event.

Here is the group giving one another laughter blessings in the sanctuary.

I also had some fun and visits with friends.

My mother-in-law, William and I laughing with a Musk Ox

The beautiful mountains around Anchorage

I made yet another moose friend!

Smiling with my grizzly bear friend

In the center is Mount McKinley, visible from 160 miles away! Seeing the mountain was a major highlight for me because I've been to Alaska many times but never seen it before. It takes a clear day to be visible.

My friends Anne and Dale Olson, whom I have known for 20 years

My friends Jim Weller and Sarah Maria Gonzales and their brand new baby boy, Alexander, whom they adopted while we were in Alaska!

William, his mom and I with Hank the Moose

I also taught a certified Laughter Yoga Leader course at Spirit Path Yoga while I was there.

Alaska's first Laughter Graduates! Back row: Dale Olson, Anne Olson, Megan McDonald
Middle row: Dona Johnson-Cuff, Marcia Brumbaugh, Cassandra Lidin
Front row: Laughing Laura, Kelby Murphy. Not pictured: Kristen Kemerling

"I appreciate Laughing Laura’s amazing wonderfulness (punctuated by hands waving, sunny smiles, and great laughter)! Her Laughter Yoga Leader training was fantastic. Laura’s enthusiasm is very contagious and her teaching notch of the top notches! As a counselor/psychologist, I am so looking forward to using what I learned. It is all very valuable."

—Kristen Kemerling
Kemerling Marketing & Media
LifeStory Arts, LLC 

Here is the contact information for the new AMAZING, certified Laughter Yoga Leaders of Alaska. They are now affiliated with the Laughter Yoga University of Bangalore, India. These happy grads have big plans for spreading the laughter movement all around the 49th state. I'm excited to see how it goes. Feel free to email them if you’d like a laughter yoga session at your event.

Marcia Brumbaugh
Anchorage, AK 

Dona Johnson-Cuff
Anchorage, AK 

Kristen Kemerling
Anchorage, AK 

Cassandra Lidin
Spirit Path Yoga
Anchorage, AK 

Megan McDonald
Anchorage, AK

Kelby Murphy
Eagle River, AK

Anne & Dale Olson
Anchorage, AK

Saturday, November 3, 2012


November 17 and 24, 2012 • Anchorage, Alaska 

Now Enrolling

Earn lifetime certification as a Laughter Yoga Leader by enrolling in this 2-day seminar to be held at Spirit Path Yoga Studio, Anchorage, Alaska's premier healing and health center. Class will be held on the 2 subsequent Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. 

On each of the Saturdays, we’ll spend the entire day laughing, learning, bonding, and eating delicious food.  The course concludes with a rollicking graduation ceremony in which you’ll laugh "Pomp and Circumstance," take the laughter pledge and be zealously awarded your laughing degree-he-he. Believe me, you’ve never had such fun at graduation ceremony. 

This is a rare and exciting opportunity to study with me in Alaska. The tuition is $325 and includes all instruction to certify you as a Laughter Yoga Leader, lunch both days, Laughing Laura’s original manual, The Little Book of Big Laughs, a Be Laughter CD, two posters and a full color diploma professionally printed with your name.

And so that you can get a taste of laughter yoga before the seminar begins, I am  offering a FREE PUBLIC SEMINAR at Spirit Path Yoga at 7 p.m. on Friday, November 16. Come, bring your friends for a fun and informative session.

The tuition for the Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Seminar is $325 and includes all the exciting benefits and materials listed above. Register with a friend and you’ll each receive a free DVD called “Laughter Friends: A Laughter Yoga Workout for Kids.”
If you have questions about Laughter Yoga or the course, call me at 563-880-2699 . Not only will I provide the information, she'll also give you a free laugh. To register, visit
Click Here to download the flyer.

For those of you who live in Alaska or have friends there, please forward this information to them. Thanks for helping me get the word out. Ha ha ha!

I'll also be doing a Christian laughter program at St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church in Anchorage and a laughing for health program at the breast cancer survivor group at Providence Cancer Center. Check out the posters below for more information.