Friday, January 27, 2017


Has it really been TEN YEARS? Well, yes it has! That's because Lynda Tourloukis started the "Laugh-Fest in the Midwest" a decade ago. Then, without realizing it I picked up the tradition by starting the "Laugh-Fest of the Midwest" right when Lynda stopped organizing it. When the two of us joined forces we realized that between the two of us (and a plethora of other amazing laughers) we had successfully put together nine years of laughter conferences here in America's heartland! Isn't that incredible? So this year, 2017, is the "Year of the Laugh"! We are celebrating a full ten years and we couldn't be more thrilled! YAY!

This blow-out Laugh-Fest will be held in Ferryville, Wisconsin from May 5-7, 2017. It will be an exciting weekend of laughter, fun, inspiration, creativity, dancing, singing and various merriment—all in a gorgeous, natural setting. Whether you are new to laughter yoga, a seasoned professional or just someone interested in joy and wellness, there's something for you at the Laugh-Fest.

Click here to visit the newly updated Laugh-Fest page with all the details and registration information. We need you there! And pitch us a presentation idea if you'd like.

Laugh-Fest is just a few months away. I can't wait to see you and delight in a weekend of pure bliss. See you there!