Thursday, June 18, 2009


The Iowa School of Laughter Yoga now offers E-courses!

While attending a laughter yoga leader seminar or retreat in person is the most transformative experience and therefore recommended, I understand that this is not always feasible. Therefore, a new e-course has been specially designed to meet your busy lifestyle. My  e-course is the most convenient way to become a certified laughter yoga leader. Study on-line at your own pace—from anywhere in the world— and learn laughter yoga in your spare time. Ha ha ha! What could be easier?

Here's how it works. Register at at my website,  and pay the tuition on-line through Paypal or mail a check. You'll be sent a .PDF file of HA HA HA: Laughing Laura's Guide to Laughter Yoga. You will, then, receive 6 separate laughter lessons by e-mail. Each will have a set of assignments for you to complete. This enables you to have an interactive experience even though you're doing the work as an e-course. You can also ask as many questions as you'd like and I will get back to you with answers. If you have Skype capabilities, the assignments may be discussed with me in real time through Skype. After all of the lessons have been completed, you'll receive your signed laughter yoga leader diploma, CD and laughing poster by mail. It's that easy!

"I really enjoyed Laughing Laura's e-course! I learned a lot and had such fun. It was very convenient and fast-moving."
—Deborah Daniels

The introductory offer now available is just $100. This includes tuition, laughter manual, CD, poster and diploma. This deal won't last so do it today!

Register on-line or send a check to: Laura Gentry, PO Box 11, Marquette, IA 52158.

Just to review, the benefits of becoming a certified laughter yoga leader are many. Here are just a few:

• A Comprehensive Laughter Manual
You'll receive an original, comprehensive laughter training manual called: HA HA HA: Laughing Laura's Guide to Laughter Yoga. Laura has written this manual based upon her own years of experience. It contains everything you need to know to become an effective laughter yoga leader and has an expansive collection of laughter yoga exercises, many of which are original. It gives suggestions for solo laughter practice and even addresses the spirituality of laughter yoga. It offers inspiration for how to live a more laughing life, and other valuable materials on how to launch your laughter-based career activities.

• Personal Renewal
Most laughter grads consider the seminar (whether taken in person or on-line) a life-changing experience that helped them find greater wellness through joy and intentional laughter.

• Confidence
When you train with Laughing Laura, you can be confident you are receiving the most accurate and direct transmission of the training, as Laura has been trained and certified by Dr. Kataria himself, the founder of the worldwide laughter club movement. He's named Laughing Laura a "Laughter Ambassador" for her outstanding work in the field of laughter yoga.

• On-Line Referrals
When you train with Laughing Laura through any of her seminars, you will be registered at the international laughter yoga Web site as a certified laughter yoga leader, where you may receive referrals and inquiries from all over the world (your basic listing is free) as well as here on the page for the Iowa School of Laughter Yoga.

• Connection
The seminars and retreats help laughter students build lasting friendships with Laughing Laura and fellow laughers. The synergy of the group helps students find support, inspiration and brainstorming opportunities. Upon graduation, you'll also be invited to join a free on-line forum specifically for the graduates of the Iowa School of Laughter Yoga where you can continue to connect and share ideas with others as well as Laughing Laura.

• Beautiful Diploma
Laughing Laura offers an originally designed, professionally printed, archival, full-color laughter diploma (pictured below), which shows lifetime certification as a laughter yoga leader through the Iowa School of Laughter Yoga in affiliation with the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga.

• Supervised Practice
Even with laughter, practice makes perfect. During the seminars and retreats, you'll have ample opportunity to practice and polish your laughter leadership skills. For on-line learners, there is also valuable feedback offered to help you become a great laughter yoga leader.

• Laughter Yoga CD
As a way to help you keep up your daily laughter practice, you'll receive a copy of Laughing Laura's one-of-a-kind CD for commuters, "Laugh Your Way There."

• Laughter Inspiration Poster
You will also receive a "Live a Laughing Life" Poster. This is an original work of art by Laughing Laura featuring many fabulous and inspirational ideas for living in the joyful spirit of laughter.

Do something for yourself and for the world: become a certified laughter yoga leader. 

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Darlene said...

what a great blog....and congradulations on laughter yoga.. how about a video for your website/blog and/or your clients..i produce Vision Map Videos and a laughter one would be perfect... here is a free stress reduction one to get you started...