Saturday, August 8, 2009


My laughter friends, Jill and Dan Johnson of Joyful Living Yoga in South Dakota (pictured above), have created a laughter yoga resource that is so wonderful you need to know about it. It is a professionally produced CD called "Laugh for the Health of It."

Jill and Dan explain that their intent in creating this CD is to allow you to have "what you need, when you need it." If you need a laugh, it's here. If you need relaxation—it's here. Or if you need some motivational music to get your day started, that's here too!

This CD is a true laughter yoga treasure. There lots of things on it to support your laught life. Specifically, it includes:

• A fun and helpful introduction to laughter yoga
• A warm-up session
• 20 laughter and breathing exercises 
• 10 Minute Guided Relaxation
• 3 Fun Dance Tracks to Get You Moving!

Dr. Madan Kataria, laughter yoga founder, is very excited about this CD. Here's what he has to say:

“Laughter is the best medicine! With this Laughter Yoga CD, Dan and Jill will have you laughing your way to better health and less stress from the first giggle!”

One dollar of each CD sold goes to the International Laughter Yoga Foundation,, to support the ultimate objective of bringing world peace
through laughter.

I have been enjoying this CD on my own. Yes, even laughter yoga teachers need a boost to get them laughing sometimes. The happy group of laughers on this CD makes me smile and chuckle immediately, even if I'm in the midst of a crabby moment. It is very fun and easy to follow.

My laughter club has long been enjoying the dance tracks on this. If you lead a laughter club, I highly encourage you get this CD for your laughers. It is so fun to dance to the "HO HO HA HA HA" driving rhythm. And they are so long that my club usually gets worn out before the songs are over!

At my last laughter club meeting I explained to them that I would be reviewing "Laugh for the Health of It!" for my blog and that I wanted their opinions. So we laughed along with the CD for our regular meeting. The club members really enjoyed the variety of exercises. What we all like the best is that the laughter rolls on quite long for each exercise—longer than we usually laugh. This made us laugh all the more as we heard the contagious peels of laughter continue to emanate from our CD player. It gave us an intense laughter yoga workout. Some people even had to sit down. The group unanimously endorsed it. This means it has the coveted Lansing Laughter Club stamp of approval!

What's more, we really appreciated the 10 minute relaxation at the end. Jill is an experienced yoga teacher and—drawing upon her experience—she designed this relaxation session very well. Her voice is so beautiful and soothing that it put us all into a state of immediate bliss. There is gentle music beneath her voice that furthers the relaxation. I often do the relaxation portion of our laughter club meeting myself but it was a welcome change to listen to this CD.

I've been selling these CDs so quickly at my live events that I ordered more from Joyful Living Yoga and have added it to my on-line store, The Laughter Shoppe. It is a valuable resource that I want to help make available.  So check it out today. You'll be glad you did!  HA HA HA!

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