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Since January, I have been working to create a unique resource, which combines the principles of laughter yoga with Christian ministry. Let me tell you about it and how it all started.

As you my know, there is a laughter club at my church in northeast Iowa that convenes every week just to laugh. It is a free health ministry we provide to the community. It has boosted our joy as well as our Christian love in amazing, even unexpected ways. And some miraculous healing has taken place among the participants. We’ve had people report increased wellness who were suffering from depression, multiple sclerosis, post traumatic stress disorder and even cancer.

This has caused me to be zealous about spreading hilarity in the name of Jesus. I’ve created interactive, bible-based laughter programs and presented them to church groups across the denominations. It is always a delight to laugh with such groups. Sometimes, we meet in the santuary and participants are literally falling out of the pews, laughing their sides out. Afterwards, people marvel at how they experienced God in a new and marvelous way, how they have a greater appreciation for the role of joy in their walk of faith.

This project grew out of those presentations. I wanted to create an easy to use resource to help all those who seek to expand their faith by boosting their joy in the Lord. So here it is! Holy Hysterics is the name of this new CD. As you can see on the package art above, it is a faith-filled, laughing, dancing, singing, praising, whooping with joy, go bananas workout to make your walk with the Lord a silly one! HA HA! An interactive, Christian resource, this 75 minute disc includes:

• Bible Study: An exploration of holy scripture highlighting God’s desire to turn your mourning into dancing, to clothe you with joy

• Laughter Workout: A faith-filled set of playful laughing & breathing exercises led by Pastor Laura & demonstrated by a group of fabulous laughers—laugh along & cultivate the fruit of joy

• Silly Singing: 13 old favorite Sunday school songs & hymns sung by a choir in an exuberant style—sing & dance along to get in touch with your childlike faith

• Guided Meditation: Relax into the peace that passes all understanding with this happy guided meditation to help you rest in God’s love

Holy Hysterics has it's own web page at It is currently in production and will release August 20th. It is for sale at The Laughter Shoppe for just $14.95. You can pre-order it now and get FREE SHIPPING for a limited time. You can also use this mail-in order form.

Furthermore, there are 3 new Christian posters I've created that are also in production. Each poster is $4.95. And now I'm offering the "Holy Laughter Pack," which includes the Holy Hysterics disc, plus all three posters for just $24.95. The posters are pictured below.

These five paintings of mine represent the joy and freedom of the Christian. I originally painted them as the basis of Lenten meditations and then donated them to my church in memory of my mother. People have often requested copies of them so I had them printed together on this 11"x17" full color poster, suitable for framing. Read more about these paintings and their meaning here.

Enjoy this icon of faith bursting with joy. My original painting is emblazoned upon an 11"x17" full color poster, suitable for framing.

This original poster featuring the art of William and Laura Gentry helps you remember the fruit of the Spirit in a unique and hilarious way. 11"x17" full color poster, suitable for framing.

Below is a slideshow of behind-the-scenes pictures of the Holy Hysterics production process and all the wonderful laughers involved. Enjoy!

Holy Hysterics makes a great fundraiser for your church or non-profit organization. Make money while getting everyone happier—what could be more fun? The Laughter Shoppe offers great wholesale rates for even rather small orders of CDs. You can also combine your order with other products from the Laughter Shoppe, such as Laughter Friends. E-mail me to find out more:

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