Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So you’re a Laughter Yoga Leader and you’d like to take your laughing career to the next level? Then, it’s time to become a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Learn more about laughter yoga and how to effectively teach certified Laughter Yoga Leader courses of your own. I am going to be teaching the teacher course in an awesome wilderness retreat setting in Southwest Wisconsin March 30 through April 3rd.

Students have been wildly enthusiastic about learning laughter yoga at a retreat center. So, by popular demand, I am offering a spring retreat at Sugar Creek Bible Camp in Ferryville, Wisconsin. The facility is accredited by the American Camp Association. Here, you can get away from your everyday stresses and relax in a beautiful environment, explore trails, laugh through a spiritual labyrinth, gather around a campfire, and luxuriate in a wood burning sauna. It is just a half hour from the LaCrosse, Wisconsin airport. Rides can be arranged for you if you are flying in or taking Amtrak.

As a Laughter Yoga Teacher student, you will will have the opportunity to observe and assist me as I teach a Laughter Yoga Leader course. You will have additional meeting times during the weekend to get a behind-the-scenes look at the way in which a class is led.

Then, after the leader students graduate and leave the camp, you will stay for another two and a half days to go deeper and learn all the practical information necessary to teach certified Laughter Yoga Leader courses. 

As a bonus, you will have the opportunity to lead a laughter yoga session with a large group of senior citizens who will be coming to the camp on Monday. This is an excellent occasion for practice.

Tuition for this course is $795, the standard set by Laughter Yoga International. Not only does it include the 5 days of intensive instruction, it also includes a Be Laughter CD,  a signed copy of The Little Book of Big Laughs, a Live a Laughing Life poster and a Laughter Inspiration poster. You will receive a copy of my original laughter yoga manual and an official laughter yoga teacher manual, published by Laughter Yoga International. Upon graduation, you will receive the official Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher diploma, signed by Dr. and Mrs. Madan Kataria. You'll also receive the resource pack of CDs and DVDs from Laughter Yoga International and you'll get a free year of "Prozone" at where you'll be able to advertise your upcoming Laughter Yoga Leader seminars.

Accommodation at the camp is in the modern Log Cabin Village pictured above. These upscale retreat lodgings are shared with up to seven persons per cabin.  Each cabin has a covered porch, a small sitting area with a fireplace and bathroom and shower facilities. 

The camp chef will pamper us with healthy, home-cooked meals. Vegetarian options will be provided. And in between those meals, there will be ample snacks and beverages for you. The hospitality can't be beat!

Cost for the four nights and all food is just $160, bringing the total investment to $975. This is an incredible value, as you will have great potential earning power once you are a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.

• Therapists and Healers
• Pastors and Spiritual Leaders
• Recreation Activity Facilitators
• Yoga/Tai Chi/physical fitness trainers
• Occupational Therapists
• Psychologists and Psychotherapists
• Nurses and Healthcare Workers
• Counselors
• Social Workers
• Professional Speakers
• HR Trainers 
• Comedians and other enthusiastic laughers

• Official Laughter Yoga International Teaching Manual
• Laughing Laura’s original Laughter Manual
• The Laughter Yoga Resource Pack DVD and CD set, which includes video clips showing international news coverage, laughter yoga in the business world, laughter yoga in schools, scientific research on laughter yoga and articles and photos for press and media
• An official Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher diploma
• One year free Prozone subscription at, a $60 value!
• A daily solo practice CD called “Be Laughter” (
• Two full color 11” x 17” laughter inspiration posters
• A signed copy of Laughing Laura’s book of laughter and yogic breathing exercises, The Little Book of Big Laughs

• An in-depth understanding Dr. Madan Kataria’s laughter yoga method and the history and philosophy behind it
• A knowledge of  how to adapt laughter yoga practices for a variety of groups including the elderly, physically and mentally challenged, children, prisoners, and business professionals
• Ways to inhabit the inner spirit of laughter and deepen your spirituality through daily laughter and yogic breathing practice
• Tips for growing a laughter yoga business, including gaining media attention and putting on a killer businesses presentation
• The practical skills necessary to plan, promote and lead a life-changing Laughter Yoga Leader course
Space is limited at this highly-sought retreat so enroll as soon as possible. To do so, go to

“Laughing Laura is amazing! I made no mistake in selecting her to be one of the first Laughter Yoga Master Trainers in the USA and awarding her the title of Laughter Ambassador.  She speaks from her heart and inspires people with her true, joyful spirit. Her knowledge of Laughter Yoga and her teaching skills are incredible. Laughing Laura is surely one of my best Laughter Professors."
—Dr. Madan Kataria, Laughter Yoga Founder

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