Friday, January 16, 2009


You read the blog title correctly: dandruff laugh. That is the name of the new Laughter Yoga exercise developed by the Lansing Laughter Club. We just have to share it with you because it's so fun.

Club members and experienced laughers, Rick Gramlich and Jamie Horkheimer are skillfully demonstrating dandruff laugh in these photographs.

To practice this exercise, pretend you've got dandruff. You suddenly notice some flakes on your shoulders and gently brush them off with a little, nervous giggle. Keep brushing until you realize you simply can't stop the flow!

Begin scratching your head vigorously. Laugh at the dandruffy madness!

Increase the cardiovascular impact of this exercise by voraciously attempting to fling your dandruff onto your fellow laughers.  Notice the wind-up Jamie's got going on in the picture above.

And now he flings with full laughter force.  What great form and skill! Let your laughter club go wild with this exercise.

When I was describing dandruff laugh to a fellow Laughter Yoga teacher, she acted shocked. "No way would I lead that exercise! I've GOT dandruff! It would be too embarrassing." She said.  We laughed about it together and recognized that it would be good therapy for her to laugh at her own malady. 

That's the joy of these Laughter Yoga exercises—they help us laugh at ourselves, and thus take ourselves a bit less seriously. This frees us to simply live joyfully and take more risks—knowing that if things don't go the way we'd hoped, we can just laugh! Ha ha ha!

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