Monday, February 2, 2009


Laughing is a wonderful thing. Since becoming a Laughter Yoga teacher, I have had more laughter in my life than ever before. It has boosted my joy so much that it is hard to describe.

So instead of trying to put this joy into words, I decided to put it into art. That's right. I've started doing what I call "Laughter Portraits."  The first 3 are pictured below. The entire process of creating them was infused with laughter. My husband took pictures of the two of us laughing. Then, I used those photos to draw the silhouettes onto canvas. Finally, I filled them in using vibrant colors—actually laughing as I painted. I tried to abandon logical planning and paint more freely and intuitively, allowing the spirit of the laughter to guide me. The result is a physical manifestation of the laughing moment! I hope they give you a giggle or a even a full belly laugh.

These paintings are 24" x 24" — acrylic on canvas.

If you'd like to be a "laughter model" for future paintings, 
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