Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I just received my order of Laughter Exercises Photo Flash Cards from the Laughter Yoga Institute of Laguna Beach, California. If you haven't heard about these cards, let me fill you in. Laughter enthusiasts everywhere need to know about this new resource.

The laughter deck was produced by Jeffrey Briar, who was inspired by Jana Gablikova of Slovakia. She suggested that Laughter Yoga Leaders have a visual aid to help them lead laughter sessions more efficiently. So that's just what Jeffrey created, along with the help of the worldwide laughter family. 

The set includes 52 high quality, full color,  jumbo playing cards, which illustrate Laughter Yoga exercises. Many of these are what Laughter Yoga founder Dr. Madan Kataria considers the most important exercises. Each card is illustrated with a photo and an extra quote of laughter inspiration. These photographs come from laughter clubs around the world. I just love that multi-cultural dimension of this product. It gives you a sense of the levity shared around the globe.
There are 8 bonus cards (4 Breathing Exercises and 4 “Jokers” – “Wild” cards) so you can actually use the deck to play card games as well. The king and queen cards all picture Madan and Madhuri Kataria, which is an adorable touch. There is an instruction manual included with complete instructions on how to use the cards, how to carry out each laughter exercise, and how to play other fun games with the cards.  And the whole deck is packaged nicely in a colorful, happy carrying box.

Whether you are a Laughter Yoga Leader or an enthusiastic laugher, this product is a great resource to keep you and your friends laughing. You can order yourself a deck (or several) at the marketplace of the Laughter Yoga Institute. Below is a video about how to use them.

I'd also like to share this marvelous video produced by the Laughter Yoga Institute. It is a great introduction to Laughter Yoga with host Kathryn Burns (a lovely laughter friend of mine). The shots of actual laughter sessions on the beach are sure to give you a giggle.

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