Monday, February 9, 2009


As you may know, I released my debut album, Today is a Laughing Day, in December 2008. It is a set of laughter-themed songs for kids and kids at heart. Daniel Stout has just posted a review of it at—a blog about music, vinyl, turntables, technology and much more. Since this is the album's first official review, I'd like to share some highlights with you.

In Daniel's review, entitled Happy Jazz: How to be a Smile Millionaire, he writes:

"This new CD is called Today is a Laughing Day. It contains 15 original songs with Laughing Laura and her chorus of Laughketeers backed by a really fabulous jazz trio featuring Tom Bourcier on piano, Karyn Quinn on bass and Rich MacDonald playing the drums.

"These are tough times, and it’s more important now than ever to laugh and be merry. Laura’s CD is great fun. The songs are upbeat and immensely pleasurable to listen to. And whatever mood you’re in, after listening to this CD, it feels like a weight has lifted. There are many standout tracks, but I’d especially point you towards Laughter Friends, Turkey The Turtle (which is about her pet turtle), Enthusiastic, and my personal favorite, Smile Millionaire. The music is swinging, upbeat jazz, and the lyrics are ones only Laughing Laura could write. These are totally unique creations that lift the spirit.

"...Laura says this is an album for 'kids and kids at heart,' and frankly, it works for all ages. The lyrics are lighthearted, and the quick tempo of the jazz will get your toe tapping."

This CD is available at, CDbaby and The Laughter Shoppe. MP3s and free sound samples can be found at DigStation.

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