Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have just spent a most amazing time with a group of laughter yoga students in Rochester, Minnesota. It was a class through the Iowa School of Laughter Yoga, which is affiliated with the Laughter Yoga University of Bangalore, India. We held the certified Leader/Teacher training retreat at Assisi Heights Spirituality Center at the Sisters of Saint Francis. This is a gorgeous retreat center on a generous portion of green space right in the heart of Rochester. Read more at their website.

The pictures below tell the story of our fabulous adventures together. Double click them to view in a larger format.

This is the Sisters of Saint Francis facility where we stayed and laughed. It felt like a bit of Europe as we strolled around the beautiful grounds.
We invited the sisters to do a laughter yoga practice session with us. Here we are with the laughing nuns (note that the one behind me is wearing a flower headband on top of her habit). We all had a fun time together, as you can see.

To experience the glorious spiritual power of laughter, we laughed through the sacred labyrinth. Here a group of laughers are rejoicing in the center.

Kristin and Amber laughing in the labyrinth

Ann Marie laughing in the labyrinth

Lily Bear, Mary Ellen's dog, laughed in the labyrinth with us

Laughing Laura and Kathryn at our costume party

Terri, the clown princess

Kristin, the cute banana

Ann Marie in her fabulous clown wig

Phoenix in the crabby hat
Helen as the laughing fairy (her shoes light up, too)

Laughter dancing

The teachers and teacher students

The Laughter Yoga Leader Graduation picture. Back row: Phoenix Soleil, Kristin VanDyke, Laughing Laura,  Mary Ellen Schmidley. Front row: Amber Cahue and Jane Schmidley

This is the entire group at the Laughter Yoga Leaders' graduation

Mary Ellen and Jane Schmidley—the laughing sisters with the retreat's laughing dog, Lily Bear

Laughing Laura & Phoenix from Berkeley, CA

The Laughter Yoga Teacher Graduation picture: Laughing Laura, Kathryn Kimmins,  Helen Juknelis, Ann Marie Gullickson and Terri Reasoner

If you would like to study laughter yoga in Alaska, you are in luck! I have just scheduled my first certified Laughter Yoga Leader class in Anchorage, Alaska. Read more at and please spread the word to any friends you may have in Alaska.

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