Saturday, December 27, 2008


Amazing—that's right—amazing. According to the dictionary "amazing" means startlingly impressive. As I get to know people of all sorts, I am amazed by them. Each and every person we meet is incredible in a multitude of ways. Unfortunately, we don't often recognize the sheer splendor of the amazing people in our midst.

That's why I made up a simple chant that's being used by laughter clubs around the world. It goes like this:

I am amazing!
You are amazing!
We are amazing!
Ha ha ha ha ha!

This chant enables people to shout it out loud—to celebrate their own amazing nature and that of everyoneelse. Then we laugh for joy and feel so happy and affirmed. Usually, I have people move about the room pointing to themselves and others as they chant it.

That's why I put "Amazing" on both my commuter CD, Laugh Your Way There, and my new laughter album, Today is a Laughing Day. It is my goal to make more and more people feel amazing and to spread the affirmative message. Yippeeee!

Hear a sample of this happy chant at this link to

So please remember: YOU are amazing and we ALL are too!

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