Monday, December 8, 2008


Another song from my album, Today is a Laughing Day, is called Smile Millionaire. You see this concept works like magic: the more you smile at people, the more they smile back at you. And every smile you receive makes you happier. So you have to give smiles generously in order to become a smile millionaire.

It is my hope that this song will start a smile movement and we'll all be as rich as rich as rich can be!

by Laughing Laura @2008

1. I have made an amazing discovery
that when I smile people smile back at me.
Soon I’ll have so many smiles that I’ll declare:
“I am a smile millionaire!”

I’m gonna be a smile millionaire.
I’ll have a million smiles to share.
And I’ll be as rich as rich as rich can be
with all of the smiles that folks have given to me.
Oh I declare, I’ll be a smile millionaire!

2. Now even when I have an ouchy
or I feel crabby and oh so grouchy
I’ll keep on smiling so that I can declare
“I am a smile millionaire!” [Refrain]

3. Oh you, my friend, can become rich too!
when you smile, people smile back at you
Soon you’ll have so many smiles that you’ll declare:
“I am a smile millionaire!” [Refrain]

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