Friday, December 5, 2008


Turkey the Turtle is the name the most popular song on my album, Today is a Laughing Day. This song was inspired by and dedicated to my pet snapping turtle, Turkey, who truly is a star. Yep, that's him pictured above, dancing in the ha ha ha spiral. Isn't he a fabulous character?

We adopted Turkey in 2001, immediately after we moved to Iowa. He was a brand new hatchling making his way to the Turkey river when we nabbed him, took him home and named him after the river he never reached. In all my years of owning turtles, I have never before had such a hearty and fast-growing turtle as Turkey. We put him into a ten gallon tank but after just three months, he outgrew it and we moved him to a thirty gallon tank. Three months later, he again outgrew his home and we had to buy him the biggest tank we could find at Petco: a seventy five gallon tank that is now the centerpiece of our living room.

Turkey has been our most beloved pet and now weighs well over fifteen pounds. He's attempted some daring escapes and made some trips to the veterinarian but we love him all the same. He's emotionally involved in all that happens in our home and he has many fans. Sometimes people come by just to visit "Turks." So you can see why he inspired such a silly song.

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Here are the lyrics

by Laughing Laura © 2008
dedicated to my snapping turtle, Turkey, who is truly a star

1. My turtle’s name is Turkey, he is so very perky!
He taps & taps & taps his toes,
he spins around & around & wiggles his nose

Turkey: (wiggles nose)

GIGGLER: Hey, wait a minute! A turtle doesn't have a nose, it has a beak!

Laughing Laura: Yeah, well that doesn’t bother Turkey,
he wiggles it anyway & we can wiggle our noses too.
In fact, let's wiggle our noses while making the silliest faces possible.
Turkey will love it!

GIGGLERS: (wiggle noses & make silly faces)

Turkey, Turkey the Turtle!
He leaps over the hurdle!
He flaps his tail — it goes flap, flappy!
I flap mine too— it makes me happy!
He’s the funniest turtle by far!
Turkey the Turtle—you are a star!

2. My turtle’s name is Turkey
he is so very perky
he hops & hops & hops by a frog,
he spins around & around
and barks at a dog.

Turkey: Arf!

GIGGLER: Hey, wait a minute! A dog can bark at a turtle
but a turtle can’t bark at a dog!

Laughing Laura: Yeah, but Turkey doesn’t know that so he barks
anyway & we can bark too, even though we aren’t dogs.
Are you ready to bark? Here we go!

GIGGLERS: (bark like dogs)


3. My turtle’s name is Turkey
he is so very perky
he wiggles & wiggles like I don’t know how
he spins around & around
& moos like a cow

Turkey: Moo!

GIGGLER: Hey, wait a minute! A turtle can’t sound like a cow!

Laughing Laura: Yeah, well Turkey thinks it’s cool
to act like a cow. Let’s try it with him. It’s lots of fun!

GIGGLERS: (moo like cows)


4. My turtle’s name is Turkey
he is so very perky
he kicks and kicks, he is so kickin’
he spins around & around
and acts like a chicken

Turkey: Bawk! Bawk!

GIGGLER: Hey, wait a minute! A turtle can’t make chicken sounds!

Laughing Laura: Yeah, but chicken sounds are a blast to make.
Let’s be chickens with Turkey!

GIGGLERS: (cluck like chickens)


5. My turtle’s name is Turkey
he is so very perky
he skips & skips like a lanky giraffee
he spins around & around
and lets out a laugh.


GIGGLER: Hey, wait a minute! A turtle can’t laugh!

Laughing Laura: Yeah, but Turkey thinks everything’s so funny, he’s got to laugh & we can laugh & skip all at the same time! Let's go for it!

GIGGLERS: (skip & laugh)


© Laura E. Gentry 2008

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