Thursday, September 17, 2009


The 10th day of our Laughter Tour began with Tosha flashing this compelling but devilish grin! We were staying in Nicole's house and this is her daughter's room.

Here I am in her lovely living room.

William lounging in Nicole's living room.

Felipe got the fire going so we'd warm up.

Nicole got busy making breakfast as Tosha talked (you can see her gestures on the right side).

Tosha was happy to check her e-mail.

Then we went exploring the town of Pucon. Ironically, we ran into Alejandra and her daughter who were downtown doing the very same thing.

Tosha and I adored these bright rolls of wool roving we found at a local shop.

Here is a tented "open air" market we walked through.

Then we went to a fancy chocolate and coffee shop. Look at all these amazing delectables!

The chocolate girl was getting the box ready for us.

The chocolate tester was administering a test to see if the chocolate was good enough.

When we got back to Nicole's house, the fire was wonderfully warm.

We made 3 salads to take to Sonia's birthday party. Here I am with the salads, all ready to go to Sonia's house.

Next we went to Felipe's apartment and art studio. Here he is with one of his paintings.

Felipe explained some of his work to Tosha.

Here's another one of his paintings.

Then, we arrived at Sonia's cottage. This bright bowl of fruit was the centerpiece of her living room.

Sonia is also an artist. This painting of hers hangs above her couch. She also has a studio/gallery space in the downtown are of Pucon.

Here Tosha was greeting a party-goer named Oscar.

Sonia's sons were working hard to grill the meet outside.

Notice that the grill is actually a wheelbarrow!

Nicole getting the music set up for the party.

This plate from Sonia's set is hand-made without a wheel, which was the traditional way of making pottery in Chile. She is proud to own this special set. 

Here is Sonia, the birthday girl, serving lunch.

Tosha in her Bolivian wrap enjoying the conversation at the party. 

Ah, the beautiful birthday cake!

This is another party guest. One of Sonia's sons is coming down from the loft in the background.

We gave Sonia a laughter blessing for her birthday. Here she is joining us in the laughter.

Now the birthday candle has been lit.

Here Sonia is with a scarf she's been given as a birthday gift.

She's cutting the cake as her son looks on eagerly.

Almost instantly, we vanquished the cake. It was a light, fluffy orange frosting with layers of yellow cake. I'd never tried anything quite like it.

Here's Sonia and her cat with their friend and landlord, Elisabeth (who invited us to come to her house and see her llamas the next day—stay tuned for photos of that adventure).

More happy party goers!

When I got into the bathroom, I found the cat in the sink!

And it wouldn't leave but just kept staring at me. What I didn't realize is that it was waiting for me to turn the water on so it could get a drink!

Everyone bundled up and got ready to depart.

Here is the outside of her cozy cottage.

When we got home, William's nose was running from all that time with the cat so he tried out a Chilean brand of nose tissue called Elite (menthol scented).

We felt grateful to have experienced a day of laughter, friendship, celebration and more.

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