Friday, September 11, 2009


The fourth day was filled with exploration of the city of Concepcion. Because it was September 11th, we were all feeling the painful emotions of the day. Not only is it the day of the terrorist attack on the USA in 2001, it is the day that the military took over in Chile in 1973.

Here you can see Alejandra making us breakfast in Gennett´s kitchen.

This is the stray dog who lives outside Gennett´s apartment. It had such a squeaky, high pitched bark that we named it Squeak. Here Squeak looks innocent but he barked all night.

This is the outside of Gennett´s apartment.

We saw this street juggler in downtown Concepcion and as a beginning juggler, I was very impressed with how good he was. He could juggle without dropping the balls in the street. Here Tosha is giving him a tip.

This is a sculpture downtown.

Then we went to visit the poet, Omar Lara. We had been looking at a poster with one of his poems on it at Gennett´s house. It made Alejandra very emotional so Gennett said that she knew him personally and we could go see him. So we went to his little poetry shop and spoke with him. He had been oppressed by the Pinochet government and even had to live in exile for a time. September 11th was a deeply difficult day for him. We had a brief visit and then asked him to read one of his poems for us.

When we left, Alejandra began to cry on the street. She said that laughter yoga has opened her heart to all emotions and because of this, she could feel Omar´s pain on this day. She said it was a gift because even though the sad emotions are difficult, she is grateful to have a heart that is open to all of the human experience. We all felt the profound nature of this moment.

Then we were requested for another media interview. We went to the newspaper office and gave an interview about laughter yoga and about the nature of our visit to Chile to experience cross cultural laughter yoga. We had a wonderful time with the journalist and even gave her a laughter blessing before we left. Here we are together.

We stopped in the lobby of the newspaper office and got a copy of the current edition. Gennett pointed out that there was an article about her boyfriend.

She was so happy to see this great article about her loved one´s new book!

Then we went to a restaurant for lunch. They had colored pencils and coloring page placemats so we got busy coloring.

Tosha did a great work of art.

I loved the fresh squeazed orange juice.

Alejandra adored the soup!

Ironically, we discovered that the owner of the restaurant had participated in a laughter yoga session with one of Tosha´s students. She said that she was very moved by the experience. We all decided to give her restaurant a laughter blessing and so we sent laughter into all the walls.

Then we walked around Concepcion. This is a beautiful tile wall.

And the spring leaves.

A fruit stand

Gennett and Alejandra having a conversation while we waited for Tosha to buy a new cell phone charge cord

William in the sunlight

This wall had been placed in the public square with all kinds of articles about the atrocities of the Pinchet government. It was put there by families of people who had been ¨disappeared¨ during this time. People were prayerfully reading the articles when we went past.

The calla lilies here grow so big!

The laughers!

These cabbage flowers were in the town square.

This is the town cathedral.

These were the most amazing ice cream cones! They were hand dipped ice cream with chocolate dip on that, then covered in whipped cream. They were so big they had to be placed into a cup! I am still claiming it is the best ice cream cone I have EVER had.

Then we drove south to the resort of Antulafken in the town of Arauco. It is right on the coast and it is run by one of Tosha´s laughter students. Here is the restaurant.

I fell exhausted into bed in our beautiful room.

But then we had to get up and go to dinner. Here we met our host, Andres, the owner of the resort. He would be our guide for the next few days.

Alejandra was excited to show of here boar´s tooth.

We were excited to be on the Chilean coast, looking forward to the adventures to come.

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