Monday, September 14, 2009


On the seventh day, we left our paradise resort of Antulafken to head to Los Angeles for more laughter visits. We’d thoroughly enjoyed our stay there and the interesting tours we’d had.

At breakfast, we visited with Andres’ cousin, Hernan, and his wife and met their children. This is their youngest, Jesus.

I was wearing my laughter socks so I was set for whatever laughter I was about to encounter.

As we headed through Arauco, there was a parade just getting started. Here are some huasos.

Here you can see the whole fire department getting ready to march.

The schoolboys were there to watch the parade and begged me to take their picture

And the lovely Arauco clock tower

Tosha needed directions so when we saw some police officers standing on the side of the road, she said, “I’ll pull myself over before they so!” and then when she rolled down her window, she said to them: “Would you please write me a ticket!” They didn’t quite see the humor in it that we did. Nevertheless, we got the directions we needed.

We passed by this lovely lake on our drive.

Notice the man beneath the truck.

Notice the Chilean flag here.

And the road construction crew.

This is a Mapuche sculpture.

This is a street scene.

More natural beauty along the way

Almost all of the gas stations are full service

After seeing all of this incredible nature, we stopped for lunch at this restaurant on a lake.

There were black necked swans swimming on the lake, which we could see in the distance.

We had a laughing lunch!

Mmm! I am enjoying some of the traditional Chilean fruit juice drink.

Here is our ice cream dessert.

Back on the road again

Here is another lovely aromos tree. We were so grateful to be traveling in Chile during their spring blooming season. They are so gorgeous.

In this region there is a lot of logging so this is often what we saw: the back of a slow moving log truck.

The sky made the scenery even more spectacular from there to Los Angeles.

Here you can see a vineyard. You know all of that delicious wine from Chile? Well, this is where it is produced.

At last we arrived at Los Angeles and pulled into the place where we’d be doing a laughter yoga session. It is run by Luz María Acuña Urra and it is called Cinbao Restobar. Here we are meeting Luz María and her daughter Constanza.

This is the stream running by the restobar.

The camillia trees were in full bloom.

We began our laughter session out on the porch.

This is the collage of musicians on the wall of the bar.

Constanza with her bunny rabbit.

The balloons everywhere made it such a festive environment. It put us all in a laughing mood!

Here we are laughing away!

Then we moved indoors for a seated session of laughter meditation.

Afterwards, Luz María served up her special recipe of pisco sour, the traditional Chilean drink.

You can see that Tosha is really excited about all of this!

Luz María and her daughter, Constanza, and her son, Diego.

Several of us hung out late into the night visiting, laughing and dancing

Then, we went to Luz María’s house to spend the night. Of course, it was 1:30 a.m. but the time we got there and her mother had been waiting up for us. You can see her seated in the living room and the maid at the door, ready to greet us.

Here’s her mother, Luz Helena, opening a bottle of wine to go with the lovely dinner that was prepared for us.

Here is Luz María and her brother with Tosha at the dinner table.

It was so late by then. You can see that poor Alejandra is falling asleep in the chair.

So at last we went to sleep. It must have been past 2:30 a.m. They were so kind that they gave up their bedrooms for us and went to sleep in the loft. We were most comfortable and grateful that our hosts were so kind.


Mary Beth said...

Incredible photos! Are you an artist or what?


Thanks! The photos are mostly by William but I took some too.