Saturday, September 19, 2009


During our last full day in Pucon, we saw a bit more of the lovely mountain town and we did a laughter yoga session at a local yoga studio. 

Of course, I have to begin by showing you another view of Volcan Villarrica.

William and I went out for a morning walk. Here I am in front of Nicole's house.

This is her neighborhood street heading down into town.

There are lots of high adventure shops in Pucon like this one. It is backpacker's paradise in the summer season. We were there while it was still pretty much winter.

Here I am at the lake with Volcan Villarrica.

This little shop even looks like the volcano.

I was totally deceived by these. I thought they were the amazing araucaria trees that are so revered by the Mapuche people and celebrated in their art. So I zoomed in and got this great shot. When I showed it to Nicole, she laughed and explained they are actually cell phone towers disguised to look like araucaria trees.

Another view of the lake and volcano.

Here is a remote controlled sail boat on the lake.

A Mapuche sculpture.

Some lovely flowers along the walk.

Notice the bag hanging from this wooden structure. It is where they hang their garbage so the stray dogs won't mess with it.

Here we saw a child flying a kite in the field.

Then we took a walk through the town's cemetery, situated on a hill.

Some of the graves are like little homes where lots of flowers and other items are placed.

Here is the view of Pucon from the top of the cemetery.

Another view of the cemetery.

This sculpture of Jesus sits at the very top of the cemetery.

When we got back, William complained of feeling sick again so we took his temperature. He's looking rather grumpy about it as well he should because Tosha determined he had a fever and would not be allowed to attend our laughter yoga session. We set him straight to bed.

Here is Tosha explaining laughter yoga to the group who had gathered for the session.

Alejandra was there to help us lead with the help of her granddaughter (sitting to her left).

I had to laugh, lead, shoot video and try to take photos all by myself since William was at home resting. I certainly didn't get as many shots as he usually does, but here are a couple.

This is the whole laughing group.

And here are the laughing kids that made it so fun!

Alejandra with her granddaughter, Antonia.

Afterwards, we went out for pizza with some of the laughers so Tosha could tell them more about laughter yoga and how they really need to start a laughter club in Pucon. We tried the German beer they had on tap. Nicole recommends drinking it with lots of lemon and tobasco sauce. I tried it too and decided it was a bit too strong for me that way! Anyway, here we are toasting to laughter yoga in Pucon.

Antonia being funny for the camera.

Alejandra and Antonia enjoying dessert. They are so adorable together!

That night, we attempted to get William feeling better. We packed up and got set to depart in the morning.

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