Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We spent the 8th day of our tour exploring Los Angeles with Luz María and her friend Jorge.

Here’s the beautiful bedroom of Luz María’s where we stayed.

This is the songbird outside of her window. It sat on this post and sang profusely. After William took it’s picture, Luz María said she enjoys this bird’s song every morning.

Here is Tosha waving to us from the breakfast table.

We met Luz María youngest daughter, with whom she shares a name.

We gave them a copy of my children’s film, Laughter Friends, and little Luz María got very excited about it.

This is their lovely living room.

Luz María put these beautiful flowers in the room for us to enjoy.

These wildflowers grow in their yard.

Luz María and me with her dogs

The outside of their house

The fields in their back yard

Luz María’s dog, Emma, can totally jump.

As we drove to her restobar, Alejandra had some bonding time with little Luz María.

This pasture and the other scenery is right by the restobar where we did laughter yoga both nights we were in Los Angeles. There is also a kinderzoo on the campus with a petting zoo. I loved seeing all the animals.

I totally adored this baby bunny! AWWW!

We decided this one looks like a laughter rabbit.

And I had to snuggle this bunny too!

We just could not believe how beautiful the camillia trees were. They were just covered in these blossoms.

Then we went downtown where we encountered this one man band.

The laughing ladies!

Jorge is helping us buy more video tape.

I decided to do a little bit of alien laughter with the sign.

Then I freaked out over seeing so many artichokes in one place!

I decided to become an artichoke vendor and live happily ever after in Chile, biking around with my vegetables.

Meanwhile, Tosha decided to become a chef.

Jorge and Luz María took us to see this wonderful waterfall. They explained that because a dam has been built, it will soon dry up. This made the visit all the more important because it can be enjoyed for a limited time only.

Luz María showed her skill with this Mapuche toy.

While Tosha enjoyed the raunchiness of this Mapuche toy.

The Gentrys love the waterfall!

Jorge getting sprayed by the waterfall

We got drenched in the waterfall mist. ha ha!

I’m so heavy I pulled the whole tree down!

Here we all are enjoying this perfect day

Then we had lunch at the restaurant overlooking the falls. Luz María showed us how she adds orange soda to beer for a special treat.

It got so sunny we needed the drapes to be pulled but since they didn’t have this ability, the kind waiter got out a stapler and stapled them shut for our comfort.

Ah, the shade was wonderful.

And I sure enjoyed dessert. We all decided to be decadent and instead of choosing whipped cream or ice cream, we got BOTH! mmmm!

And because I am a laughter professional, even the cherry provided laughing entertainment for us.

Here’s Tosha negotiating our hotel for the night.

Though we were totally tired, we returned to Luz María’s restobar and led a high energy laughter yoga session for a crowd of various ages. We were amazed at how much the laughter yoga was able to revitalize us.

After the session I went around with my video camera interviewing people about their experience. Here’s Diego giving his opinion.

And a laughter yoga leader from Los Angeles talked about how much she loves laughter yoga.

Then Luz María served shrimp and other snacks.

I got my picture taken with lots of my new laughter friends. First was Constanza.

William had to have his picture with Constanza also.

We said farewell to our wonderful laughter friends from Los Angeles. What a meanful connection we made with each one of them. Our hearts were full!

Back to the hotel with all the camillias they had given me.

And then we promptly fell asleep after a lovely laughing day.

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