Thursday, September 10, 2009


On the third day of our Chilean Laughter Tour, we departed Santiago for Concepcion। It was definitely a laughter tour as we were laughing immediately.

Here William and I are ready for the adventure to begin

We went to pick up our travel companion, Alejandra Arriagada Lavanderos and Tosha got lost just getting to her house. Then, we spent an hour trying to get on the right highway heading out of Santiago—laughing all the way, of course. Perhaps if we’d had a map or GPS it would have helped. We stopped to ask directions 5 times before we were on the right track.

Then we drove through the breathtakingly beautiful countryside heading south. We had a time constraint, as we needed to get to the University of San Sebastian in Concepcion for a 6:30 lecture/laughter yoga session. The aromos trees were in full bloom along the way.

When we arrived in Concepcion, the laughter continued as we didn’t have a map. Both Tosha and Alejandra were on their cell phones getting directions and yet it didn’t seem to get us there. Finally, the University sent their director of communications down to an intersection on the main drag. There, he jumped into our car and led us to the University.

The laughter session was held in an outdoor amphitheater and it was a wonderful group.

Afterwards, we did an interview with the press.

This is the lovely area of the campus on the lake

Then we had a laughing dinner, helped by the Chilean “Diablos” wine

This is Gennett, our gracious host, at whose home we stayed that night.

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